Let's take your ideas into


We build startups for you.
We validate customer insights and feasibility in short sprints.
By doing so, we keep your risk to a minimum.

Our Customers


Let’s build new market-driven revenue streams while keeping risk low.


Instead of investing in other startups, why not bring your own ideas to life?


Let’s boost your startups hands-on. You stay expert/coach, while we are part of their team.

At hyperspace we take you to parallel space opportunities.
Some say we even travel faster than the speed of light.

Our Services

Venture Opportunity Scan

We are up-to-date with the latest trends and technology. We explore (undiscovered) customer jobs and design promising new venture ideas. We don't drop ideas, we deliver a desirable and feasible roadmap towards new venture success.

2 Weeks, 2 Meetings - 1 Full-Time

Market-Product Fit

We start from a potential idea or roadmap and set up contextual interviews to validate customer value. We prototype towards a promising pricing strategy and feasible product. Important is to focus observations on who is paying and not the 'user'.

3 Month Program - 1 Full-Time Lead & Prototyping Team

Scalable Venture

Once a market-product fit is validated, the team will turn it into a scalable company. We build a sustainable business model with feasible product planning, find the right sales channels and set up the marketing engine necessary to further propel your venture.

Pay per Month - 1 Full-Time Lead & Expert Team

Our Team


Makers, Coders, Marketeers, Business and Sales experts.


Leader profiles, entrepreneurs pur-sang. They own venture projects.

Hyperspace is hiring.

Are you an expert or leader profile? Join us.

Recent Cases

Bootstrap a disruptive real-estate product.

Business Modelling - Prototyping - Customer Observation

Develop an academy service to scalability

Customer Journey - Service Design - Productisation

Market-product fit for social robot spin-off.

Market-Product Fit - Business Plan - Co-Creation

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